The Latest Mouse Repellent Strategy

This is something people try that you might want to also. It's the double whammy in mouse repellents. Some people believe in Ultrasonics to repel mice, and others (like us) use 100% Peppermint oil as an effective all natural mouse repellent. It turns out that because of the way they work, they work great together.

Ultrasonic sound is like a flashlight, it doesn't go through walls and it doesn't go around corners. So it works well in a big open space, but not in nooks and crannies. But that's where our all natural mouse repellent balls work great, in tight spaces. So use them together. Use No Mouse in the House in your drawers, cabinets and hard to reach entry points, and use ultrasonic repellers in the big open spaces.

I did this accidentally, having used ultrasonic repellents for years and then we invented No Mouse in the House and I started using them, and completely forgot I had the ultrasonics in place as well. But I live mouse free, and that's what counts. Not a scientific study, but just my experience. Good luck! Let us know if you try it!

Dr. Mouse 

Glenn Willoughby