How to get rid of mice (if you have already seen them)

If you already have mice it's harder to get rid of them, but it can be done. Your house is like a maze and in this case, they have already found the cheese. If you block one way in, they search around to find another. Because they can jump, climb vertical walls and squeeze thru tiny holes, blocking every possibility can be difficult. So what to do?

The best strategy is what we call the "combination approach" to get rid of mice. You can still do this all naturally and humanely. Here's what you do: Use our natural mouse repellent units to protect your food and stuff (the cheese!), and block all the entry points EXCEPT ONE. You actually want to leave them a way in, but you want to control where that is.

Then the grody part. You have to place a humane trap (like a Havahart, available elsewhere) at the location you left open. Maybe even two.  You'll have to trap and release until you get rid of all the mice who know the way in. I had to do this when my neighbors moved out and their mouse infestation went exploring. Once you've stopped trapping mice for a week, you are in the clear. You can put away the humane traps and go back to blocking all the entry points to discourage newcomers. Newcomers won't know where the "cheese" is, so they will just be exploring and easy to repel.

That's how you do it!

Dr. Mouse

Glenn Willoughby