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1.   Twist off the top half of the No Mouse in the House ball.

2.    Pry the rubber seal with the toothpick (included) and remove it to expose the submerged wick in the bottom half.

3.    Remove the upper wick (from the top half), stretch it out and then replace it.

4.    Screw the top half back on, finger tight, and the wicks should connect. The oil will start wicking to the top of the unit and it should get slightly damp. 

5.    Then place, toss or roll the No Mouse in the House device at desired location or mouse entry point.




The best strategy is preventative, placing units at all possible entry points to your house (or the area you need to protect) BEFORE you have mice.   Look for all possible holes, gaps, cracks, places where pipes come through etc. Mice can squeeze through tiny holes, so when in doubt, block it.  Often this is just prior to the cooling fall weather or just prior to the spring “baby boom”. Mice are active all year, but these are the prime time seasons.


If you already have mice, a different strategy is required. Established mice can have an established nest in your house or established pathways from outside to food stores inside your house. With established mice you can discourage them by enclosing all your food securely and placing NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE TM units within or around these food storage areas (or the area you need to protect). You “lock up the store”, but leave exit points to the outside of your house open, so they have a path by which to leave. The strategy here is to protect the food supply so their hunger drives them elsewhere and out of your house permanently. 


Established mice can be stubborn and very clever, always finding new ways to get in and new things to eat. If this is the case, sometimes you have to resort to somehow trapping them. Your No Mouse in the House units can make this much easier. In this approach, you place No Mouse in the House units around your food stuffs, protecting them, and leave whatever sort of trap you are comfortable with (or a few) in an obvious spot they frequent. Bait the traps with peanut butter or the like. The No Mouse units make your food stuffs undesirable, driving them to the tasty traps. We know, this is having to deal with them, but once you catch all the mice, you can return to the best strategy (#1) and be preventative from then on.

#4  THE COMBO: Ultrasonic + No Mouse in the House

Ultrasound is like a flashlight, it doesn't go around corners or into nooks and crannies. Ultrasonic devices are great for open spaces. So place ultrasonic devices (sold elsewhere) to protect open space and use No Mouse in the House inside cabinets and tight spaces for a two-pronged repellent approach.