When Nothing Works

Sometimes you get desperate, and find yourself in the Mouse Alamo. Mice are clever, acrobatic and determined. Depending on the situation you sometimes find that no matter what you try, nothing seems to work. Mice can steal food out of traps, and learn to go around deterrents if given alternate paths. They also keep breeding and sometimes keep coming, so it can take weeks to eradicate them, even with the best of methods. Mind you, with proper care and diligence, you can use our "combination" method, using No Mouse in the House in combination with all natural traps, but this does take dedication.  Our only other advice is first, not to panic. You can get rid of the mice, but you might have to resort to professionals. Their methods may not be better than what you are trying, but they have experience and will keep at it because they will typically give you some kind of guarantee. This is the "do whatever it takes to be mouse free" approach. Then you probably will want to make sure you stay mouse free, and that's where our product works the best, preventatively. You can spread No Mouse in the House units around the perimeter and entry points of your house (on the inside of course) and keep yourself mouse free once you've achieved it. That's the last resort. Mice definitely do not like peppermint oil and you can keep them out with it once you achieve the mouse free zone  Then the fact that that it lasts six months will really come in handy, and you just have to replace them twice a year. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Glenn Willoughby