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Some would call it a desire to “build a better mousetrap.” In early 2009 I (Will) was dealing with an excessive mouse problem in my home. The furry little creatures were visiting on a nightly basis and leaving their calling cards everywhere—in the silverware drawer, pantry, counter tops… everywhere! Having dealt with mousetraps and poisons, and a particularly unsettling experience with sticky paper, I began to explore alternative solutions. My research revealed peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls to be an effective deterrent when placed in strategic spots. The only problem was that the oil evaporated so quickly that the mice were not discouraged for long, and to add insult to injury, they even took the dried cotton balls back to their nests!

In August 2009, I consulted with a friend of mine, an engineering professor (Gary), to help design a product that would solve the potency maintenance problem. In our first meeting, he began designing a prototype for a continuous, long lasting delivery system. After numerous refinements and testing over a three year period, a design was finalized. We call it NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM). We filed for a patent and started a company to manufacture and distribute it (SimpleTek LLC). The now-patented NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(R) system combines the powerful deterring effects of a blend of all natural peppermint oils housed in a reservoir with a continuous feed wick, a protective shell, and a shape that allows the user to place or roll the unit into hard-to-reach areas virtually anywhere. And the best thing is, it lasts for six months or longer!, through the entire mouse season! We think you will agree that NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(R) is an all natural, clean, effective, long-lasting, humane, and pleasant-smelling solution to an age-old problem!


Gary and Will