How to prevent mice!

Mouse repellents require one key thing. You have to be slightly smarter than a mouse. Have no fear, they're not that smart. Peppermint oil will repel them, but only because they get to close to it, get overwhelmed and run away to safety. Two things to make it easy and effective. Do it PREVENTATIVELY (before you have mice) and use THE RIGHT STUFF. See my other blog on that, but we use 100% of the right stuff in our all natural mouse repellent, No Mouse in the House. So you can put them in enclosed spaces, drawers, cabinets etc, and that's easy, they'll stay out. To keep them out of your house, you need to place them near points of entry, just on the inside of your house. Any little hole where pipes or conduit go thru, or small gaps. But you have to be complete. Don't just block  a couple entry points, block them all. Then they'll find each one annoying and move on. THen you can be mouse free for 6 months if you use our units.

Already have mice? Different strategy, but don't lose hope! See the other posts on that.

And again, see my post on THE RIGHT STUFF

-Dr. Mouse

Glenn Willoughby